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Bäder In Grau

Bäder In Grau Bäder In Grau

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As preposition

(used To Indicate Inclusion Within Space, A Place, Or Limits): Walking In The Park.

(used To Indicate Inclusion Within Something Abstract Or Immaterial): In Politics; In The Autumn.

(used To Indicate Inclusion Within Or Occurrence During A Period Or Limit Of Time): In Ancient Times; A Task Done In Ten Minutes.

(used To Indicate Limitation Or Qualification, As Of Situation, Condition, Relation, Manner, Action, Etc.): To Speak In A Whisper; To Be Similar In Appearance.

(used To Indicate Means): Sketched In Ink; Spoken In French.

(used To Indicate Motion Or Direction From Outside To A Point Within) Into: Let's Go In The House.

(used To Indicate Transition From One State To Another): To Break In Half.

(used To Indicate Object Or Purpose): Speaking In Honor Of The Event.

As adverb

In Or Into Some Place, Position, State, Relation, Etc.: Please Come In.

On The Inside; Within.

In One's House Or Office.

In Office Or Power.

In Possession Or Occupancy.

Having The Turn To Play, As In A Game.

(of An Infielder Or Outfielder) In A Position Closer To Home Plate Than Usual; Short: The Third Baseman Played In, Expecting A Bunt.

On Good Terms; In Favor: He's In With His Boss, But He Doubts It Will Last.

In Vogue; In Style: He Says Straw Hats Will Be In This Year.

In Season: Watermelons Will Soon Be In.

As adjective

Located Or Situated Within; Inner; Internal: The In Part Of A Mechanism.

Well-liked; Included In A Favored Group.

Inward; Incoming; Inbound: An In Train.

Plentiful; Available.

Being In Power, Authority, Control, Etc.: A Member Of The In Party.

Playing The Last Nine Holes Of An Eighteen-hole Golf Course (out): His In Score On The Second Round Was 34.

As noun

Persons In Office Or Political Power (outs).

A Member Of The Political Party In Power: The Election Made Him An In.

Pull Or Influence; A Social Advantage Or Connection: He's Got An In With The Senator.

(in Tennis, Squash, Handball, Etc.) A Return Or Service That Lands Within The In-bounds Limits Of A Court Or Section Of A Court (out).

As verb (used with object) [inned, in·ning. British Dialect.]

To Enclose.

As i

To Be Bound To Undergo Something, Especially A Disagreeable Experience: We Are In For A Long Speech.

About To Suffer Chastisement Or Unpleasant Consequences, Especially Of One's Own Actions Or Omissions: I Forgot Our Anniversary Again, And I'll Be In For It Now.

Because; Inasmuch As: In That You Won't Have Time For Supper, Let Me Give You Something Now.

On Friendly Terms With; Familiar Or Associating With: They Are In With All The Important People.


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